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Charminster Spiritualist Church


Jan Harris




SAT 8th June  10am - 4pm


Jan will give you exercises on how to connect with spirit. Give you a chance to take your mediumistic ability to a much deeper and stronger connection. This will enable you to have a much better understanding of where you are and what level your mediumistic ability is. Jan will be able to answer your questions thus helping you to have a better understanding.


Cost £20 for the day, students must bring their lunch. Tea and coffee will be provided.


Book early to avoid disappointment.


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Sat       1st     Gemma Oliver


Tues    4th     Lawrence Saville  Divine S

Sat       8th    Jan Harris Workshop 

Sat       8th    Jan Harris Special


Tues   11th    Dee Walker

Sat      15th    Sarah Burch              


Tues   18th      David Powell

Fri       21st      Scott Milligan Lecture

Sat      22nd   Scott Milligan  Special


Tues   25th     Carrianne Robins

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