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Charminster Spiritualist Church


Workshop with

 Val Williams

SNU and AFC Tutor




















Date July 6th   Cost £50


Are there times your contact with Spirit is very close and your evidence is very strong, and yet other times when you don’t have confidence in yourself as a Medium? If so , please come along to this workshop to know exactly when you are in the power and when, sometimes, you come out of it and lose your contact .

There are some very simple exercises to help you to always know, for yourself, and therefore you can gain more confidence in your work for Spirit each time you work.

An International teaching medium for over 35 years Val knows that if you work in a non-competitive environment you will make greater progress, and that respect for each other is paramount.

Val believes that practice and dedication are very important and structures her workshops specifically for each group, using meditation techniques & Mediumship exercises, as she knows that you learn more by practicing than listening to other people.


Spirit are waiting to help you to progress – do you have a day to give to them to help you gain greater understanding of your real potential?


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Rev Val Williams Workshop July 2019
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