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The journey of the medium is never an easy one, which is why change and emotional shifts need to happen, to ensure that the journey is a continuous one. Mediumship development and personal development go together like hand and glove, however many mediums fail to do the second to the level needed. Personal development cannot solely happen by reading self-help books, completing a series of exercises, journaling, writing affirmations and then moving on, it is experiential and requires for us to observe patterns of behaviours and understand their meaning and place within our lives.


For change to happen in our mediumship there are three things that are needed:

· We truly need to understand who we are, our desires, fears, values and beliefs.

· ● We need to understand our past experiences, our thoughts and behaviours and the emotional responses that happen, when these are triggered by events, people and by ourselves.

· ● We must be willing to embark on change and like changing any habit, we must be willing to let go of the old to let the new come in.


During this weekend, Kerry will be working with you, paying attention to the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of who you are, listening to your soul, which is the truest expression of who you are and the potential of what you can be. You will gain the ability to understand and appreciate yourself in a way that you may never have done before and so begin a new dialogue within. This weekend will be an interactive one with opportunities to experience discovery of self like never before and opportunities to incorporate learnings into your mediumship. Kerry will assist you begin that deeper delve within, and will then provide you with the tools for you to continue that journey which will have a lasting effect on your mediumship.

The journey into self is rarely one that we run towards with excitement but one that nevertheless, must be done to release your truest mediumistic potential. (The content of this course is Copywritten by Kerry McLeod)


“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” - Rumi.



Cost £100

Deposit £50 (non Refundable)to reserve a space Time 9.30AM till 5 PM

Please bring your lunch - Tea or coffee provided


Contact the committee or Dominique to reserve a space

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