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Charminster Spiritualist Church


An interactive weekend of mediumship, looking at how a medium develops through sitting in the power to learning and understanding how to work properly with your spirit team. Philip will also be looking at understanding the mechanics of mediumship and how to work each faculty properly. In addition, Philip will assist you deepen your mediumship ability by appreciating and understanding the story that lies within the essence of the communicator. All mediums are looking to strengthen their evidence, with objective factual and emotional evidence, as a good contact consists of both elements of mediumship. This weekend will allow Philip to work you through further developing your formal training, your understanding of how your team wish to work with you and offer the opportunity to practice new learnings.


A good medium can hold the contact and be clear, concise and profound, leaving no doubt of who is communicating with you, through using proven exercises, Philip will allow you to be in the power for longer with the communicator telling their story of life, presenting evidence in the way they want it, creating more of an impact with the recipient and gain more confidence in your ability. This weekend is designed to stretch your comfort zone and ability of mediumship and give you a clear understanding and increased confidence of how to use and understand your mediumship, letting you know how you work individually with feedback on how to progress forward .


Cost 100 Deposit of 50(non refundable) to reserve a space Time 9.30AM till 5 PM Please bring your lunch - Tea or coffee provided



Contact the committee or Dominique to reserve a space

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